P AL A T I N E is a culinary concierge based in NYC that connects businesses, brands, and food/travel obsessives to the right people, places and experiences across the world.

We help you discover amazing things to eat and drink, and connect you with the people who make them in intimate or unusual settings, with close access to the artisans, producers, influencers and chefs behind the scenes.

Consider Palatine your "friend on the inside"—always able to make any food or travel idea a reality. Whether you’re interested in bespoke culinary experiences in France, Italy, NYC or elsewhere, or if you need a chef for an event, casting call, or sponsorship opportunity; or a unique venue for a spectacular event, Palatine can help.

Services for INDIVIDUALS

  • Create a dining itinerary and make accompanying reservations

  • Develop immersive, customized food/wine/spirits-related experiences for individuals, large or small groups

  • Provide insider access to chefs and special experiences closed to the public

  • Custom itinerary creation (on a per activity or per day basis)

Services for BUSINESSES

  • Brand consulting

  • Casting / Video content creation

  • Corporate experiential events

  • Research and Marketing assistance - connecting you to the influencers you need

Services for CHEFS / TALENT

  • Partnership negotiation & management

  • Social media/marketing strategy


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Maisie Wilhelm has over nine years' experience in the food and hospitality world, during which time she worked for many years as Chef Daniel Boulud's Brand Manager, handling partnerships and strategic business development for the multiple Michelin-starred chef and his international restaurant group.  

After beginning her career in journalism at the International Herald Tribune in Paris, she turned her focus to food, and works on a variety of projects that all connect businesses, brands, and food/travel obsessives to the right people, places and experiences across the world.

Maisie speaks French, Italian and English, and it was during her four years living and working abroad in Europe that she fell in love with the European approach to artisanal food production, their reverence for good things to eat and drink, and the ritual of gathering around a table to appreciate and share them together with friends.

A note about our name

P A L A T I N E is inspired by European culture, lifestyle and above all, food. Taking its name from the founding location of Rome, on the centermost of its famed seven hills, Palatine embodies our commitment to being guided by tradition, history, culture--and of course, our palates.